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Article Name:Vital Signs & Trauma Evaluation Nursing Manikin
Article No: Specification:DM-NS1016
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. The model consists of nursing manikin, blood pressure measuring device, vital signs simulator and trauma module. 2. Flexible limbs. Practice helping patient move to the head of the bed, use wheel chair, stretcher transportation, turn over patient
Article Name:Sengstaken-blackmore Manikin
Article No: Specification:DN-NS1037
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. Adult manikin, clear anatomical characteristic, internal organs 2. Simulating gastric fundus venous bleeding and practice rescue treatment to stop bleeding 3. Venipuncture 4. Catheterization: success operation can extract“urine” 5. Gastric tub
Article Name:Full functional nursing manikin
Article No: Specification:DM-NS1019
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:It has all the functions of the DM-NS6002 Blood pressure measurement, with electronic control box
Article Name:Multi-functional Elder Nursing Manikin
Article No: Specification:DM-NS1088
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. Elder people manikin, realistic body characteristics. It can be used for washing and changing clothes on the bed, external auditory canal washing 2. Flexible limbs and joints allow to stage manikin in various positions, transport patients, change
Article Name:Multi-functional Nursing Manikin
Article No: Specification:DM-NS6001
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. This nursing manikin can realize multiple operation functions of basic nursing. 2. Wash face, nursing eye, ear, nose, scrub body on the bed, change clothes 3. Flexible limbs and joints allow to stage manikin in various positions, transport patie
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