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Article Name:Cardiopulmonary Auscultation and Abdominal Palpation Te
Article No: Specification:DM-PE6410
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. Products include: 1) Cardiopulmonary auscultation manikin 2) Abdominal palpation manikin 3) Special designed display table 4) Software: Heart auscultation, lung auscultation, abdominal palpation teaching and assessment, auscultation assessment
Article Name:Laparoscopic Training Simulator
Article No: Specification:DM-LAP-S
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. The main machine 1)Hollow cavity design, easy to operate 2)Equipped with 4 instrument operating surfaces and 14 operating holes 3)The hole position is soft and elastic, the instrument can pass it smoothly 4)The operating space is illuminated b
Article Name:Advanced Laparoscopic Training Simulator
Article No: Specification:DM-LAP-A
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:The advanced LAP trainer with HD camera, all-in-one machine as display, with software, available to take photo and video, support playback
Article Name:Automatic Abdominal Palpation Manikin
Article No: Specification:DM-PE6413
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. Automatic selection of abdominal signs change, LCD display 2. More than 40 abdominal signs: Liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, appendix, bladder, colon and other signs of tenderness and rebound tenderness 3. Liver and spleen size are adjustab
Article Name:Cardiopulmonary Auscultation Manikin
Article No: Specification:DM-PE6414
Brand:DM Unit Price:
Detail info:1. Life size, realistic texture 2. Simulate 99 sounds include: normal and abnormal cardiac sounds, cardiovascular murmur, pericardial friction sound, pathological respiratory sounds, etc. 3. Auscultation practice and examination
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